Due to requests to permit trailers etc, we’ve had to come up with some basic rules until we know how this will work in our limited camping space and sometimes iffy field conditions.


1-   all people who want to bring a trailer must contact the autocrat ahead of time with the size of your trailer, RV or vardo – for this year that means – Odette:  ladyodette@gmail.com

2- Trailers may only be brought in during daylight hours (safety issues), when gate(troll) is open.

3- People bringing a trailer must troll in as soon as they arrive and they will be shown what designated spot  they have been assigned.   This might not be the spot you usually camp in.    All trailers will be parked in pre-designated areas, determined by the information you give us ahead of time.

4-  We reserve the right to turn away trailers if the field conditions warrant it and we can’t find another place to put it.  We will do our best to find another spot, but we cannot guarantee anything if we have wet, soggy weather and an equally soggy field.


If you have an issue or concern about these rules, contact Odette at the above email.   Nobody else can help you this year,  with this particular item.