Class Descriptions

Night Sky -
Sunday 8:30 PM, 9PM, 10PM, 11PM, Midnight weather permitting
Learn how to locate and identify basic constellations.
The planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are visible immediately after sunset.
Learn to spot the Norse constellations Eyes of Thjasi, the Asar Battlefield, Ratatosk and Nidhogg.
and Saturn.
Instructor – Kenneth mec Donnachy
Class limit -none
10 minutes
children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
Meet outside Annikki lodge at sunset or at the firepit after dark.

Modern Astronomy using Period Instruments
Learn how to identify and use a planisphere, dioptra,
astrolabe and armillary sphere.
We will spend half an hour making a planisphere to take home.
Appropriate for any age.
Construction materials supplied.
Instructor – Kenneth mec Donnachy
class limit – 7
1 hour
Materials Cost – $0 Free 

Da Vinci’s Inventions
This will cover some of the inventions recently featured at the Ontario Science Centre
After getting familiar with the catalogue, we will build a bridge with popsicle sticks.
Then, we will move outside and build a somewhat larger bridge.
Construction materials supplied.
Instructor – Kenneth mec Donnachy
class limit – 7
1 hour
Materials Cost – $0 Free 

Introduction to Trichinopoly (or Viking wire weaving for the beginner)

Participants will be introduced to Viking wire weaving, and have an opportunity to make a bracelet (or necklace, if they work beyond the class).  This process was used by Anglo-Saxon Norse mainly during the 8th century through10th centuries, found in many graves and treasure hoards, for many uses: necklaces, chains for decoration, bracelets, edging for clothing as well as trim. This particular style is not as common as the twisted wire torques that are more often thought of today in regards to Viking or Norse jewelry. The wire weaving has also been found in Roman, Greek and Byzantine archaeological digs, much earlier than in the Anglo-Saxon finds (1st century B.C. to 4th century A.D.)

Instructor – THL Sciath ingen Chaennaig
Class Max – 8

Cost – $15  for mandrel, draw plate and spool of copper wire
Please bring wire cutters, pliers (flat nose /round nose) and tape if you have them.  Instructor will bring some of these items to be shared amongst participants.

Temari the Art of Japanese Embroidered Thread Balls -

Temari is the ancient art of Japanese Thread ball Embroidery. Because we live in the Kingdom of Ealdormere we will be making a Trillium Design. This art could be called embroidery for the mathematically inclined. This class is spread over 2 sessions:  In the first session we stuff and wrap the balls, first in fine yarn and then with sewing thread, to form a base to do our embroidery on.  In the second session we will measure and make our guidelines and work the embroidery stitches to complete our Trillium Pattern.

Instructor – Rohais de Guildeford

Class max – 6

Materials cost – $6

Please bring the following to class – 1 odd sock, small embroidery type scissors, narrow tape measure, multii coloured round headed sewing pins with at least 4 different colours, sharp darning needle at least 2 1/2 in long.   Some of these will be available to be shared if you don’t have them, but it is easier if you have your own.