FOOL is just around the corner

Once again Fruits of Our Labours will be held at Camp Impessa in Ayr May 18th – 21th
Site opens Friday, May 18 at 4 pm.  Site closes Monday at Noon.

Over the last few years people arriving early has slowly grown into an big issue, and last year we had an influx of people arriving early both in terms of numbers and in how early they are arriving. Some are arriving on site just as the staff is getting there.

This is an insurance issue. Our SCA insurance does not start until 4pm on the Friday and ends at noon on Monday. The people that arrive early put the event, our relationship with Impeesa, and the event staff in jeopardy if you get hurt or injured, or something else goes wrong.

It is also causing a problem as staff do not have the time to do the set up they need to do to get FOOL ready for 4, as well as their personal gear, when they need to deal with people arriving early. Unless you have permission from Mistress Odette to be part of the set up crew, you are not.

Therefore, the new policy for FOOL XI in 2018 will be no arrivals before 4:00 pm, NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you arrive early, both Paris and Ayr are minutes away have cute coffee shops and small business that you can frequent.

Please do not park in the lane way as it blocks emergency vehicle traffic, should we ever need it.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

This year’s Bunk and Loft wrangler is Lady Christiana.  As in past years, registrations will begin at Winter War.  Send your requests in person or by SCA courier.

Contact Lady Christiana  for indoor space.
Lady Christiana-

Lots of camping space no cost
flushies, showers, established communal outdoor fire pits available for
cooking but no fires in any other areas.
No dogs allowed as per Scouts Canada rules.  Registered service animals excepted.

Smokers – please be sure to remove all traces of cigarettes and butts from the premises.  Should you need to dispose of a butt while on a trail, field stripping  is acceptable.

Site is dry.

Please be aware that the kitchen in the Anneke Snow Lodge will be used as a classroom at various times during the day on both Saturday and Sunday.  During these times, it will not be available for use as a common cooking or gathering area.

For further inquiries, please contact – , event steward