FOOL XV – Plague and Back Again

FOOL XV –  2022

Dates May 20th – May 23rd.

Camp Impeesa –  827559 Townshp Rd. 8, Drumbo, On  N0J 1G0

Site opens 4pm Friday, May 20th
Site closes  12 pm ( noon)  Monday, May 23rd

As per the Ealdormere variance on the BoD CovidSafe policy, proof of vaccination is required , a negative PCR is not sufficient.

Out of Kingdom visitors should note that Ealdormere does require proof of vaccination and that a negative PCR test is not acceptable.

Gate Hours

Friday – 4 pm – 9 pm

Saturday – 9 am – 4 pm

Sunday – 9 am – 1 pm


Everyone on site, whether for the weekend, day tripping or just coming for meetings MUST check in to gate as soon as you arrive.  NO exceptions.

  You must check into gate before setting up your tent and campsite.  Your proof of vaccination must be cleared as per SCA Ealdormere policy.  You will be given a wearable site token which confirms that you have had your vax status checked.   You are asked to wear this all weekend as a way to help us follow the Ealdormere requirements.    Guests without a site token will be asked to leave the site.


Adults: (18+)

$45 for the weekend

$25 day trip

$5 member discount

Youth: (14-17)

$20 weekend

$10 day trip

Children (under 14)


Camping  –  FREE

Bunk space –   Bunk rooms are reserved.  Waiting list only.  They will be reserved under a single name.  That person is then responsible for who shares the room with them.

Cost per room is $40

Please contact Baroness Christiana for more details and to reserve bunk space-               Carole Crawley  Waiting list only available as all bunks are currently booked.

Tavern – status currently unavailable

LOTS of camping space available! 

No firepits to be dug, but there is a communal firepit and above ground firepits are acceptable.

If you want to bring an RV or other recreational trailer, please notify me ahead of time so that we can reserve space for your trailer.

Pay at gate for entrance fees and at the class desk for any class/activity fees.

Class/Activity fees:  You will pay after you sign in at gate.   You will be given a ticket for each class that has a fee, which is to be then given to the instructor at the beginning of the class.  With some classes having limited registration, this process ensures that those who pre-registered for the class, are able to participate in the class.   It also allows empty spaces to be easily filled when someone who previously registered, may not be able to attend.   After their class is finished, instructors will be able to cash out the tickets for their fees.   The tickets are important, so don’t lose them! 🙂

NO DOGS ALLOWED as per Scouts Canada rules.   Registered service dogs excepted.

Smokers – please be sure to remove all traces of cigarettes and butts from the premises.    Should you need to dispose of a butt while on a trail, field stripping is acceptable.

No vaping in communal areas.

Site is DRY

Here is a link to the last event booklet, with site map, and other goodies.