Marshal Activities

Thrown Weapons –                                                                                                            MIC – Daniel and Catriona

The range will be open for a variety of activities and classes.                                               MIC training will take place all weekend.        Beginner throwing instruction available when the range is open .  The annual  Glow Stick tourney will happen once again on Saturday night, you know, when it’s dark, weather permitting.

Please note that at several times during the weekend,  the range will be limited to Ladies Only practices, in preparation for Pennsic activities.



1 pm – 3 pm  Individual Lessons with Eyrny – ask a question, get a not-necessarily historical answer
2 pm – 4 pm  Individual lessons with Giovanni – ask a question, get a historical answer
1 pm – 4 pm  Pick up fighting
C&T fighting very welcome



Armored Combat       


 Archery                                                                                                                               MIC – Percival

Lots and lots of archery..  More to come…….