Martial Activities

Thrown Weapons –                                                                                                            MIC – Daniel and Catriona

Open to MIT’s for setup
8:00-10:00 MIT Setup
10:00-12:00 Yeoman of the Wolf
12:00 – 1:00 Closed for Lunch
1:00 –  3:00 Tournament to be announced
 3:00  – 5:00 Tournament to chose Baronial Champion for Ramshaven
5:00 – 7:00 Range closed for dinner
Glow stick throw will depend on weather, bugs and assistance.
Range open 9:00-12:00
Royal Rounds
12:00-1:00 Closed for Lunch
Royal Rounds
4:00 -tear down.  Assistance would be appreciated

The range will be open for a variety of activities and classes.                                               MIC training will take place all weekend.        Beginner throwing instruction available when the range is open .  The annual  Glow Stick tourney will happen once again on Saturday night, you know, when it’s dark, weather permitting.

Please note that at several times during the weekend,  the range will be limited to Ladies Only practices, in preparation for Pennsic activities.




10 am –  Dagger Techniques

1pm – 3 pm – Youth Rapier

Please see class descriptions for details and requirements for these classes.



Armored Combat       

1 pm – 4 pm

or when everyone is armored up until whenever people get tired!

 Archery                                                                                                                               MIC – Percival

Saturday 19 May

0800-1000 Range Set Up (MIT’s come get your set up signatures)

1000-1200 Open Practice’s and Percy’s world famous Novelty Targets

Ya just never know what you may get to shoot at.

1200-1300 Closed for Lunch (unless we have marshals willing to run the range)

1300-1600 An Afternoon of Archery Sponsored by the Yeoman of the Wolf

Come out and shoot the Yeoman shoot. Not already a member of the Yeoman?? Come out and sign up to start collecting points towards your Yeoman Rank Badges. Other tournaments and shooting to follow.

1600-1700 Open Practice and novelty targets

1700- Approx.. Range Closed for Court and Dinner

*the Range sunshade will be used for a private function after court

so no evening shooting will take place*

Sunday 20 May

0900-1200 Range open for practice, Novelty shoots and assorted Royal Rounds etc.

1200-1300 Closed for Lunch (unless we have marshals willing to run the range)

1300-1600 Range Open for practice, novelty and tournament shooting

1600- Range Closed for tear down.. Assistance packing up would be appreciated.

**Limited loaner equipment will be available for those people wishing to come out and give archery a try. Keep in mind loaner gear is there for the use of all persons wishing to give archery a try and is not for any one person’s exclusive use. Please share as needed so the maximum number of new archers can give it a try. Please ask before touching any of the equipment and return all loaner gear to the provided racks and containers.