Marshal Activities

Thrown Weapons –                                                                                                            MIC – Daniel and Catriona

The range will be open for a variety of activities and classes.                                               MIC training will take place all weekend.        Beginner throwing instruction available when the range is open .  The annual  Glow Stick tourney will happen once again on Saturday night, you know, when it’s dark, weather permitting.

Please note that at several times during the weekend,  the range will be limited to Ladies Only practices, in preparation for Pennsic activities.


Rapier                                                                                                                                    MIC – Eyrny



Armored Combat                                                                                                               MIC  Edward

Armored combat will take place on Saturday –  1pm – until everyone is tired and doesn’t want to play anymore


Archery                                                                                                                               MIC – Percival

Lots and lots of archery..  More to come…….

Archery Returns to FOOL

Archery will make its return to Fruits of Our Labour this year, However to keep within the teaching aspect of the event we will be limiting the range to a couple of classes on Saturday with open shooting opportunities in the evening and during the day Sunday.
Saturday 0900 to 1200
Marshal in Training Class:  class limit 10 (may be increased if I receive confirmed offers of assistance by enough Authorized Marshals to assist)
Pre-Requisites: Must be 18 years or older and either have already started their Marshal in Training process or wishing to start the process here. (To become an authorized marshal you must also be a Paid Member of SCA inc.)
Each Participant must bring the following items: A copy of the Ealdormere Archery Handbook (download here ) A copy of the Marshal in Training form contained in the handbook above. Their own Bow/Cross Bow, Arrows/Bolts and other necessary items for them to be able to shoot. (NO LOANER GEAR will be availible for this course.
Course Outline: the course will include Range Etiquette and Safety, Range Set Up, Equipment Inspection and Safety, Running the Range/Calling the Line, Types of Shoots and Scoring etc.
-Each successful participant will receive a full set of 3 (1 each for Set Up, Inspection, Running the range) signatures towards their Marshall in Training form.
Saturday 1200-1300 (1PM) Range Closed for Lunch
Saturday 1300-1600 (1PM – 4PM)
Range open for shooting,
Adults Novelty Tournament
Under 12 Children’s Tournament


Saturday 1600-1800 (4PM – 6PM) Range Closed for Dinner
Saturday 1800-Dark  (if Marshall’s willing and available)
Range Open to all who wish to shoot (may run Royal Round?) 
Sunday 0900-1200 
 Range Open
Sunday 1200-1300
Closed for Lunch
Sunday 1300-1600
Range Open (If enough marshall’s available) Open shooting and tournaments at Marshall’s discretion)
Sunday 1600- 
Range Closed for Tear Down (assistance of course participants would be appreciated