A&S Display

New this year will be an A&S display in the Tavern Common Room.   Anyone can enter their projects.  Projects don’t have to be finished, they can be works in progress.    If your project failed, bring it out to display because those are interesting too.

No documentation is required, although there will be a simple project information sheet to fill out, so people looking at the display can have a bit of information about your project.

Anyone who wants to, participants, people just strolling through and everyone else, can bring 5 tokens to put on any projects that they wish.    There will also be a group of “interested persons” choosing their favourites for larger tokens.  Not prizes because this isn’t a competition.

Please tell us in advance if you’re participating, because it would be helpful in making sure we have enough table space available when we’re setting up.  However, if you choose to participate last minute, that’s fine.    We won’t turn anyone away.

More info and details coming….