Winter War


AS. 46

Trilliums vs Wolves

Art by Lady Muirne Ultach  

Welcome...the current score: 1-0 for the Trilliums!

Earn your army war points for a variety of activities.
ALL are important in this war!

Upon registering at Troll, you will select an army to support.

  • The Red Wolves will be headed by His Majesty Quilium and His Highness Edward.
  • The White Trilliums will be headed by Her Majesty Dagmar and Her Highness Rylyn.
Your site token will indicate your selection.
(Should one army be 'sold out', you will be ‘conscripted’ into the remaining army.)
Bribing in advance is encouraged and recommended!

There are 21 War Points to be won throughout the day in a variety of ways:


  • 3 Heavy Fighting
  • 3 Fencing
  • 1 Archery (Decided on Tuesday, Feb 28, there is NO ARCHERY permitted on site)
  • 1 Games Competition 1 skill


  • 1 Dancing
  • 1 Feast Talk
  • 1 Scribe Class
  • 1 Bardic Circle
  • 1 Drumming Circle
  • 1 Dance
  • 1 Serving Volunteers
  • 1 Entertainment Volunteers


  • 4 Royal Family (1 each)
  • 1 Autocrat
  • A scoreboard will be visible throughout the day, along with a schedule of activities.


    Our new site is smaller than our former one, and as such we ask that you reduce your personal presences accordingly. There is no space for carpets or large personal tables. Feast boxes and banners are encouraged though!

    Feb. 13 - Feast by Baroness Margaret will be $13 for adults, $6 for children. Our themed feast is The Spoils of War. The menu may include the flesh of beef, chicken, pork, and/or fish.
    *Please contact the feastocrat for allergy concerns.

    HEAVY FIGHTING: Inspections/Authorizations at 10:30am, Fighting begins at 11:30am.


    • Hwy 402 to "Wonderland Road" Exit
    • Head North on Wonderland Approx 20 Minutes
    • Turn LEFT on Lawson Road (one block past Sarnia Road)
    • #950 on the left.


    Wulfgang Donnerfaust & Marrin von Waldburg, click here to contact the autocrats

Event Information

March 3rd, 2012
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
(no early admissions)

Adult - $10 *
Less than 13 years - $5
Less than 5 Years - free
Family Cap - $30
*Plus $5.00 Non-member fee if applicable

Feast Fees
Adults: $13.00
5-13: $6.00

Wilfrid Jury Public School
950 Lawson Road
London, Ontario